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Sedation Dentistry

The administration of sedation dentistry is an integral and effective part of our dental services that we provide to our patients. Sedation dentistry gives select patients peace-of-mind when they visit us. We provide a relaxing, safe, and stress-free experience for our patients who require a level of sedation to help ease their dental phobias.

We administer different types of sedation based on the need and well being of the patients.

Minimal Sedation is utilized to depress the level of consciousness of the patient but keeps their ability to maintain an airway and react to stimulation and verbal commands.

Moderate Sedation is implemented through drug-induced consciousness whereby the patient retains their ability to respond to verbal commands on their own or through light stimulation.  We offer minimal and moderate forms of sedation with minimal health risks and with medication approved and fully established within the health profession for their efficacy.

We administer one of the following forms of sedation based on each patient :

  • Tranquilizers
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Nitrous oxide

Austin Premier Dental provides complete evaluation, pre-op preparation, equipment preparation and monitoring for all patients so you can rest easy when you come and see us.